Product Information

Below is a description about our plaster gypsum products and services

Uses & Applications:

Mainly an interior used product for residential or commercial renovations and restorations. Any home - old or new; unique custom homes, condos, apartments, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres, stores, museums, churches, courthouses, and historical buildings.

History of Durability:

This is a product that has been used and proven for centuries. It will last for centuries and will never go out of style.


All castings are handmade on exceptional quality, plaster and gypsum composition reinforced with glass fibre. (can be finished with oilpaint, latex, stains, goldleaf or any other medium).

We also provide castings in concrete for exterior use.


All product may be installed onto any drywall, plaster or wood surface, using plaster, ceramic adhesives or white glue. Some ornaments may require the use of screws in counter-sunk holes, which are then filled with plaster.


All materials are 100% fireproof, smokeproof and approved for commercial applications.


All of our products can be customized. We sculpt originals and make our own moulds. Many odd-shaped profiles or shapes can be substituted with plaster rather than wood, plastic, cardboard or other materials.

Environmental Properties:

Unlike other materials (eg. plastics, polyurathanes or foams), this material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is a natural product so it returns to the environment from which it came from.


We restore or recreate from drawings or samples.